Screen brings the living legend, the king of techno, Carl Cox, to Finland. The same event will also act as a pre-party for this years Koneisto Festival held at Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki 25.-27.7.2003. Screen will host two rooms during two days in the festival.

Carl Cox will play at Kaapelitehdas in "Merikaapelihalli", which will be divided in half with the stage. There should be enough room for all techno lovers though :) Jay Mellin will guide you to the rhythm before Carl. VJs Micko and Uzi will provide the visuals and Capoeira team Cuidado with Nexus Extreme duo will perform on the stage.

Hima & Sali acts as lounge where Orkidea will entertain you with his ultra cool chill-out set. Our award winning lounge residents Hiski & Pinnie will take care of the rest of the night with their tribaltechousebreakbeats and more.

We hope to see as many of you as possible to witness the night when one of the biggest deejays in the history of electronic music finally visits Screen and Finland.

Tickets are selling fast, so get yours from Street Beat or Lippupalvelu as soon as possible to secure your entrance.

CU soon!
Screen team 2003


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The Koneisto Experience

28/05/2003 at Kaapelitehdas Tallberginkatu 1 C, Helsinki, Finland
Clubbing from 2000 to 0400, age limit 18 years.

Lippupalvelu 0600.10.800 (1 €/min+pvm)
Street Beat 09.632.630
Tickets also available from the door.

From Turku / Tampere contact Petra asap at 041.519.3891

from 0500 till noon
Hiski & Pinnie [Screen]
Lil' Tony [Kerma]
Perwert [live]
Jokke [Street Beat]

2100 > 2330 Jay Mellin
2330 > 0330 Carl Cox

2100 > 0030 Orkidea (chill-out)
0030 > 0330 Hiski & Pinnie


How do you measure a DJ's popularity? By club bookings, remix credits, solo releases, and mix CDs? By branding, sponsorship and endorsements? Through glamour quota and celebrity status? Or by radio, television and movie appearances?

By any of these criteria, Carl Cox could claim he's got the love. Ultimately, though, it's the paying public that makes or breaks – and more importantly, maintains - a DJ's popularity. And in that case Carl Cox absolutely has got the love. Time and again, when music magazines print their end of year polls, it's Carl Cox who tops them. Across the globe, when club crowds are asked who they most want to have spin, it's Coxy they request. Promoters who need an arena to go off at three in the afternoon, or a club to stay full at five in the morning, know that Carl's their man. He may not be a household name, but in the scene itself, he's a living legend, as big as they come. Quite simply, Carl Cox is the People's DJ.

A musical ambassador since he was in short trousers, a professional DJ since his early teens, a veteran of acid house and a champion of techno, Carl Cox emits a love of his work that is dangerously infectious.
.. >>

// Jay Mellin
DJing since 1984, Jay Mellin is one of the original house music originators on the Finnish dance scene. To be a DJ is more life style than work for this man, house music in it’s many manifestations is the motor that .... >>Read more...
// VJ Micko
Started designing club graphics after meeting Mad Jay 1995. One of Finland's first veejays. Controlling video and computer equipment, Micko composes live visual effects, digital video imagery and graphics to high resolution data... >>Read more...
// VJ Uzi
Uzi works as a film director and partner at Filmitalli Oy. He has directed many TV commercials, including clients like ´The World Wildlife Foundation´, ´Hartwall´, ´KOFF beer´, ´MTV3´ and ´Golden Cap Cider´. Uzi also directed .... >>Read more...
// LD Jooga Jykylä, Sun Effects
Matti "Jooga" Jykylä is one of the most experienced light designers in Finland. If you have visited for example Koneisto or Labyrinth events at Kaapelitehdas you should know his skills. Jooga will make sure that you will see what's going on in the stage and around you.
  // Precision Audio, sound engineers
// Capoeira team Cuidado
Capoeira was created by African slaves, in Brazil, approximately 400 yrs. ago as a martial art. Capoeira possesses a very unique style that brings together beauty and power, developing mental balance, physical conditioning, self-defense, music and a profound sense of art, all at once. More info about team Cuidado:

// Nexus Extreme
Nexus girls will entertain you on the stage with three different shows containing circus, dance, fire, extreme plus beautiful self designed clothing. The duo has performed in many various events including Pussy, Screen and Labyrinth and are definitely amongst the best in the country.

// Orkidea (Chill-out set)
DJ of the year 2001 & 2002 - Platinum awards
Despite his young age of 24, DJ Orkidea has been one of Finland's and Scandinavia's leading trance and progressive DJs for ten years.. He's been on the trance tip for quite a long time but he likes to spice up his sets with more... >>Read more...
// Hiski & Pinnie
New DJ of the year 2002 - Platinum awards
Hiski & Pinnie represent the new generation of DJs from the north. The enthusiasm for the electronic music for these boys started back in the beginning of 90's. Listening hip hop, acid house, tekno, electro and pioneers like Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth and Jeff Mills gave the right direction... >>Read more...