DJ Remy




DJ Remy is considered one of the most popular DJ's in Europe. He started DJ-ing about ten years ago when the American house-sound found it's way to Europe in the late eighties. Remy discovered the groove and the energy this music produced and soon he bought his own DJ-set and started playing at parties in the early nineties. It was soon obvious to the Dutch public he wasn't just an average DJ, he could create an atmosphere like only few others could and he also became well known for his almost perfect mixing skills. The Amsterdam-based club 'RoXY' soon recognised his talents and introduced Remy to a larger public every Saturday night. Remy has been the resident-DJ on every Silly Symphonies-event, since his two brothers started organising these very popular parties. He also became one third of the legendary BIG Three: Dimitri, Marcello & Remy.

John Digweed & Remy
John Digweed & Remy

Remy's musical career didn't stop at being a DJ, he also started producing. First on the Belgian 'Wonka' label (The Traveller), and after that he and Belgian DJ/producer Sven van Hees founded the 'Global Cuts' label, a sub-label of R&S. On 'Global Cuts' they created several classic tracks like 'Piano Power' and 'Monkey Forrest'. Although his productions on Global Cuts were extremely successful, Remy decided to leave the label in 1994 and start his own, called 'TASTE'. On this label he released tracks like 'Flight DH 2126' (Wavecatcher) and 'She Sings' (Remy & Gregor) which were favourites of DJ's like Paul van Dijk and Carl Cox.

In 1996 a new label was launched, called 'Area Code 070' (the phone area code of Remy's residence, The Hague). This new label features somewhat experimental tracks, which are still very suitable for the dancefloor. Among the first releases on '070' is the very catchy track 'Brighten Up' by Remy & Gregor van Gaalen, and 'Berlin' composed by Gerry Menu a.k.a. Remy. The result of one of his latest projects (RR Workshop, with Roland Klinkenberg) 'Mess With Da Bull' featured on Sasha & Digweed's 'Northern Exposure Expeditions' compilation. Recent releases 'Pumped Up' (DJ Remy) and 'Spotlight' (RR Workshop) are on the playlists of almost all international top-dj's and 'Backstabber' (DJ Remy) is on the new Renaissance-cd by Dave Seaman. He recently finished a remix for John Digweed (Voices), after playing at his Bedrock clubnight in London. Remy has compiled and mixed several successful compilations; five editions of Silly Symphonies' 'The Sound Of Remy' have been released!