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In the international super-dj stakes, Dimitri (1967) is up there with the best of them. In 1996, he was voted #8 in the highly regarded Muzik Magazine's International DJ of the Year competition.

Dimitri starts his musical explorations at the tender age of 16, mixing funk and hip hop on a Dutch radio station. In 1988, right when the second Summer of Love breaks out, he makes his first appearances at Holland's world wide renowned temple of house, RoXY, where he starts his own Friday club night in 1990, seeing cues at the door stretching as far as 100 metres. He steadily makes a name for himself on an international level, his specific DJ-ing style being best described as bringing spirituality trough technology. Dimitri's slamming beats and the strong melodies he plays always make the difference.

Since 1991, Dimitri has mixed, remixed and recorded for labels such as Go!Bang, Outland, Spiritual, I.C.U (USA) and his own label, Be.S.T (Beautiful Soul Techno), supplying many a single mix and more than a dozen DJ mix albums. He pioneered his Be.S.T - sound very successfully at his own Thursday night club, "Hi-Tech Soul Movement" at RoXY.

Over the years Dimitri has played in numberous clubs and festivals in the Netherlands (such as Chemistry, MTC, New Frontier, Lowland and Dance Valley). He has hosted a monthly club night at New York's Twilo Club and played in Europe's hottest clubs like Fuse in Brussels, Rex in Paris, Space on Ibiza, Haoman in Jerusalem, Static Sound in Madrid, Taste in Edinburg and many more. He has been touring extensively throughout every single state of North America, leaving behind impeccable impressions wherever he plays, as well as his regular visits to England (Club UK/The End/Ministry of Sound) and the rest of Europe, Australia and Asia.
He also spun on special occasions like the Heineken Horizons 1998 in Amsterdam, Het Bal (1997)in Amsterdam, the World Expo 1998 in Lisbon and the prestigious Heineken Night Live 1999 at the Ahoy venue in Amsterdam, where he performed in cooperation with Hubert Jan Hubeek a self-written piece together with the 76-piece Symphonic Orchestra, accompanied by the images of VJ 00Kaap.

Together with DJ's 100% Isis and Angelo and VJ 00Kaap he started a new Sunday evening at Amsterdam's famous Supperclub. State of Bliss was an immediate success and will be celebrating its first year anniversary very soon. After the RoXY burned down the Hi-Tech Soul Movement found a new home at the new Amsterdam club MORE, where it runs again every Thursday night. Dimitri is accompanied there by DJ's Angelo and Djul'z and guest dj's from all over the world, bringing his own beautiful soul techno to the music lovers again.

His most recent project is HI&LO (2000) together with computer artist and VJ Danielle Kwaaitaal. They had an exhibition in the Art Factory in Tokyo and performed together at the Golden Horse Filmfestival in Taipei. The show also ran in the Amsterdam Torch Gallery and will be continued throughout Europe.


1991 Numbers & Feelings 'So Lonely'
- Techno Blanc work
- Beautiful Kilimanjaro work
- Everest Soul work

1992 Alice-D in Wonderland 'Time Problem'
- Techno Speed work Marionette '2 Captains on a Ship' - - Beautiful Seahorn work 'No Strings attached'
- Freedom of the Soul work

1993 Page 003
- Scottisch Deserter 'Be yourself'
- M.D.M.A. 'Celebral Ascendance'
- Prime Suspect 'Pure Innocence'

1993 Page 004
- Givin Flowers '4 u'
- Super jazz 'Hi-Tech Soul Anthem'
- Family & Friends 'Togetherness in a Distraction'

1994 Staccato Please! 'Vidin Mix' (7.1)
1995 Page 05
- Cuba
- Somewhere Outthere
- Soft & Gentle
- Infinite Stairway

1995 Page 06
- Neptune Conjunction
- Folkloric Acid
- Waves From Within

1995 Time 002
- Virtual Rendez-vous
1995 Aquastep
- Carrousel Remix
1995 Don't Be a Prisoner of Your Own Style
- (Fluid Harmony) On The Disco Train
- Sweating Fever on the Dancefloor

1996 SadSad Song 'The Remixes'
1996 Chanelle 'Work That Body'
- DJ Dimitri Mix
1996 Romy Luna
- Wildest Remix
1996 Reach 4 the Melody
1996 Brazil 2000
- Brazil 2000
- Harmony in Confusion

1997 Dimitri + Jaimy
- Waitress of an Open Mind
- Being Served (Infinite Light of Chaos)

1997 Dimitri
- Bassline
1998 Dimitri
- Baby I Love You (Too)
- We came to party

1999 Love universe
(only on promo)

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