Guy Ornadel





Guy Ornadel is renowned as one of the premier DJs on the UK circuit. He’s a regular at the nations super clubs and is becoming a mainstay on the international circuit, taking in all the top clubs across the globe. He is described as ‘one of the leading Trance DJs’.

After leaving school, Guy’s first job was working at a specialist record shop based in London. After a year he landed a job in the press office for Warner Brothers and Virgin where he worked for two years. At 21 he had a break and set up the DMC offices in New York.

In 1997 Guy left DMC and returned to the UK where he formed Ornadel Management. As a manager, Guy looks after publishing and recording rights for Sasha, Steve Lawler, Sander Kleinenberg and Charlie May, however, he does not look after their DJ diaries. Time management is the key to Guy’s success, balancing his management agency and fulfilling his own passion for DJing.

‘During the week my focus is all on the artists I work with, but on the weekend I get to express ‘myself’ as a DJ. You can't come close to that feeling when a packed club is going crazy to a set that’s running well. In fact there's nothing that can come close’.

Throughout his musical career Guy has been influenced by DJs such as Sasha, Digweed, Junior Vasquez, Dave Seaman’s sets at Cream and Renaissance (in ’91), and the legendary Tony Humphries.

‘I’ve always listened to lots of other DJs and love nothing more than to be inspired. If it’s put together well then it’s more important than the style of the music they are playing’.

Guy’s addiction to DJing stemmed from building a record collection at the age of 17. He became hooked listening to pirate radio shows spending all his time hunting tracks that could only be found in a few specialist shops. Fifteen years later and he’s still hooked. As well as deep progressive beats Guy’s trademark combo of Dutch trance and German stompers keep dance floors fast and firing, delighting the movers and shakers that fill them every time.

‘I like a balance in my set but I’m not afraid to embrace the “bigness” of tunes that do it well, yet still retain good production skills’

The way he anticipates and works with the crowd is well recognised when he plays. The bond between himself and the crowd is acknowledged by the energy given off as he maneuvers from one track to the next.

‘When a night’s good, there’s definitely that feeling of being connected between the DJ and the crowd. You get this feeling that wherever you take them musically they’ll go with you and then as the DJ you respond to them. ‘That’s the buzz.’

As an international DJ, Guy has rocked dance floors all around the world from the main room at Cream, Ibiza to touring the clubs in Australia with Godskitchen and playing at incredible venues in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Israel and throughout America and Canada. In England Guy has regularly appeared at all the major Dance Festivals including Homelands, Gatecrasher, Creamfields and Global Gathering.

‘In the last few years I’ve travelled a fair bit. Not as much as some due to my commitments in the week, but definitely enough to get a snap shot of the world scene. I really think through the Internet that international clubbers have had more access to music and as a result the club scene has become much more global. I really thought that each country had it’s own musical tastes but now I realize that clubbers are clubbers and we all share the same love of music’.

Although Guy was offered various residencies he decided on Passion in Coalville and Promise in Newcastle which draw a following of dedicated clubbers. "I like the fact even though these clubs weren't as well known as some of the super clubs, the atmosphere was as good as any of them". He also plays regular guest spots nationwide at Cream, Slinky, Gatecrasher and Godskitchen.

‘My style has always been to build my set in a curve leading to total mayhem at the end. If I've played in a club regularly I really feel a sense of trust that they know I'm going to start quite deep and then build and build. I guess I get a kick out of teasing a crowd and then hitting them over the head with a sledgehammer when the times right! If there’s one club where I feel totally relaxed and the connection is complete, it’s been at Passion this year’.

In 1999 Guy released his debut DJ mix CD which was part of the ‘License To Thrill’ series. In February 2000, he released a compilation on Slinky. It was Slinky’s first release, lifting Guy’s and the clubs great acclaim. The prestigious mixes, structure and co-ordination of tracks made the CD a must for anyone who appreciates quality dance music.