Jan Carbon




Jan has been involved in music in some way or another since he was a child whether it was day dreaming listening to the radio, banging away on his drum kit or taking two pieces of music and putting them together with the help of some turn tables. In 1994, whilst at university studying media, he and his two business partners opened a record store in Covent Garden, London. It was called Plastic Fantastic and has gone on to be one of the best dance music specialists in the UK being frequented by the top Dj’s in Europe. Not content with this, two years ago in 1998 Jan decided it was time to do something different and left Plastic to open a new store which devoted more time to the ordinary clubber rather than the Dj. The store was called Carbon, now the UK’s leading break beat store, which is based in Kensington, London. They are in the process of opening new stores across the country over the coming year. Jan also runs the label, Carbon recordings which is going from strength to strength. Their previous release, ‘Thrust 2’ by Oscar Goldman was licensed to several albums including the new Deep dish compilation ‘Yoshie-Toshie 2’.

Jan has been djing for the last 8 years having played his very first gig at the Limelight on Charing cross road back in the days of the legendary ‘Reach for the sky’ parties held by Danny Rampling. It was here and the numerous other underground clubs of the time that he learnt his trade and began to develop the sound which he now plays. Jan has held residencies at Velvet Underground, Malibu Stacey and Ministry of Sound where he was involved in national and international tours which took him all over Europe including Ibiza playng at Amnesia and Pacha, to South Africa playing to crowds of over 7,000 in Jo’burg, Cape Town and Durban and he even managed to drop in to Russia. Jan is currently residing at Cream, Ireland.

‘It’s got to have a groove to get in my box’ was the statement that interested The Vibe magazine when Jan participated in the Ministry South African Tour, and this gives an indication of his style. He plays quality house music which incorporates being tough, driving, funky, melodic, tribal and sometimes just downright dirty. Throw in a couple of slamming break beat tracks and you have an idea of the kind of sets that have had crowds rocking all over the world.

Jan is also involved in production and has released tracks under the pseudenym ‘Red Indian’ on Plastic Fantastic and as ‘Headspace’ on Carbon Recordings. His tracks in many ways reflect the music he plays being very percussive and funky.