Dj Jonesey



Originally started DJ'ing 6 years ago at Zen night- club in Dartford with his original studio partner Dex. This soon led to their own productions being made, most notably "The Beginning"
on Bang International Records in Dec. ‘95 which did and still does cause a real stir.

Shortly after this release a remix career kicked off big time. The first of such mixes being Josh Wink's massive "Higher State Of Consciousness" on Manifesto Records.

His remixes have continued to be solid and have gone to the top of the club charts time and time again. He has now done nearly 40 remixes with more to come.

Few examples of the artist he has remixed: Outrage, Josh Wink, Wildchild, David Morales, Todd Terry, Gusto, BBE, Hardfloor, Shrink, Camisra, Tony Di Bart, Marc Et Claude, That Kid Chris. He has also been involved with the following labels: Positiva, Manifesto, FFRR, Multiply, Eye-Q and Cleveland City.

Joneseys' own productions were launched with the highly applauded "Independance" on Caged Records. The track which was Boy Georges No.1 record of the year, featuring on his very successful albums through The Ministry of Sound. It also features in Judge Jules 10 of '98 and after sitting at number1 of Mr. Paul Van Dyk's chart for months, he finally licensed it to his new record label. It has also been licensed to countless compilations worldwide.