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No one could argue that Space is just that little bit more special than any other club in Ibiza. Not because of what occurs in the day, or which DJ's appear, nor even thanks to the hordes of wacky and whacked out people who attend, but because of what it represents.

Space is like an official confirmation that clubbing has lifted into orbit. It opens early in the morning until late afternoon and also sometimes at night with hard banging techno in the main room and lighter House-orientated on the outdoor terrace.The real beauty of Space is the wild mix of people, a bit of each scene, the cross-section from heaven or hell: Techno-Heads and Fetishists, Glamsters and Psychedelic Trancers, Normal People and Cross-dressers, House Kids and Garage Heads ...

It's and entirely weird, wickedly wonderful and an unbelievably sexy place, massively worshiped by those drawn together by a feeling of unity, where age seems meaningless and only attitude matters. That's what Space represents.

Jose De Divina has been satisfying all these people with his balearic beats from the year 1995. He have also mixed the Space 'Ibiza 1999' cd compilation with Carl Cox.