Josh Wink



James Baldwin once wrote, "Be careful what you set your heart upon, for it will surely be yours". Embracing a diligent work ethic, a spiritual mindset & a self-taught mastery of dancefloor devastation using little more than a pair of turntables, Josh Wink has worked hard since 1990 to become one of the world's most in demand purveyors of experimental, electronic, danceable music.

Josh Wink makes music that pushes people out of their psychic ruts whether they're grooving on a crowded dance floor or meditating in private. Wink's innate spirit of adventure has always attracted him to the most ambitious musical challenges whether he's DJing at a massive party or crafting tracks in his home studio.

Josh Wink"I never take drugs, so I guess even without any help my mind has always been left of the norm," laughs Philadelphia's groove-trance gentleman Josh Wink, one of the most level-headed people in dance who nevertheless produces some of the weirdest, tripped-out music available.

He found fame via enthusiastic globetrotting DJing and by making a chart-busting series of seriously mind-altering trance singles, in particular, 'Higher States Of Consciousness'.

1995 was an especially good year for Josh. He scored 3 consecutive European smashes - all out of his modest 16-track bedroom studio - which unquestionably took dance music to a dizzying plateau.

'Don't Laugh' was the tune that led the way - nine minutes of (his own) acid-processed maniacal laughter. It was a stroke of sheer genius. The single broke down international language barriers and eventually sold more than 500,000 units.

'I'm ready' then took snare rolls to new lenghts and sed DJs worldwide the impossible task of finding a record to follow it.



Left Above The Clouds Herehear Profound Sounds, Vol. 1
1996 Left Above the Clouds
1998 Herehear
1999 Profound Sounds. Vol 1


United DJs of America, Vol. 3: Philadelphia Higher State of Wink's Works
1995 United DJs of America, Vol 3: Philadelphia
1998 Higher State of Wink's Works compiled

Singles, EPs

1993 Nervous Build UP
1995 Brighter Side of life
1995 Liquid Summer
1995 Don't laugh (EP)
1995 I am ready (as Size 9)
1995 Higher State of Consciousness
1996 Bow's the Music
1996 How's the Music (Remixes)
1996 Higher State of Consciousness (Remixes)
1996 You Are the one
1996 Are You There (US)
1996 Winx
1998 Sixth Sense
1998 Simple Man
1999 Track 9
2000 Don't laugh: The Future Mix
2000 Don't laugh 2000
2000 How's Your Evening So Far?