Max Graham




"Canadian Max Graham opened with a solid set of banging progressive house. His programming was immaculate and comfortably took the huge room to a place a few blocks safely away from cheeseville. Graham proved that a space is just a frame of mind and flat out rocked the crowd".
Paul Oakenfold -Roseland -NYC
Mixer Magazine September issue

" Max Graham will be a worldwide success in two to three years time, his music is the hottest in the UK right now "- Nick Warren, summer 2000

We're on a platform 45 feet above the 15 000+ crowd at the closing party to Montreal's 2000 end-of-summer Cream Festival. The crowd seems to be almost entirely shirtless - bodies packed in tight, faces shining with sweat. Three girls in tiny matching gold outfits are ripping moves on a scaffolding, their timing tight and their hair flying. Hope Recordings' Leon Alexander is videotaping the scene, but can't seem to focus on one thing before something catches his attention. Darren Emerson and Dave Ralph look up from a conversation beside the booth speakers to point at a slick scantily-clad girl surfing across the top of the crowd, legs in the air and red g-string exposed. Firecrackers explode out of the roof, raining stars as the beat climbs then crashes. Max Graham is behind the decks, his arms folded calmly across his chest and his eyes shrewdly scanning the chaos as the place falls apart, wearing a small half-smile that says "Yeah… I know..."

To this point Max has risen from top-40 DJ in a teen club to a residency in a busy Ottawa underground club to gigs across Canada to the title of "Canada's progressive house ambassador" to North American recognition. Three years ago he signed with UK based Hope Recordings, and has since played out with the likes of label-mate Timo Maas, Van Dyk, and Oakenfold...

He started producing independently, and quickly released singles like Airtight and Shoreline, which and been featured on compilations from Oakenfold and Tiësto among others... He signed on to Kinetic Records in New York in the last year, which released his Transport 4 double CD compilation... He's been playing everywhere - Asia, Israel, England, Australia, Ibiza, all over North America - with residencies at Circus in LA, Nikita in San Francisco, Sona in Montreal, Gatecrasher in Sheffield… He played for crowds of 40 000+ at Gatecrasher's summersoundsystem, and is signed on to play Cream in both the UK and IBIZA this summer... He's caught the interest of MTV, Mixer, Mixmag and other dance media luminaries…He's got a full touring and production schedule through 2002... and by all accounts, he's just warming up.

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