Neil Fearnley



Beginning his Djing at the tender age of 13, Neil has slowly worked his way through the ranks to become one of the Uks most dedicated DJs. From his early days of promoting his own events, Neil can now be seen at some of the "cooler" clubs throughout England and Europe.

Starting out as a soulboy in the early 80’s, Neil was soon looking for something new. In the mid 80’s a new sound was making the rounds in the clubs. That sound was Housemusic!!

Through the last 15 years housemusic has taken on so many different styles that it has been really hard to keep up with them all, there has been the harder edge sounds and there has been the soulful vocally American Garage/House sound. Today of course the UK is being blitzed by a sound labelled "Speed Garage". For me they are all genres of Housemusic.

"I have always enjoyed the soulful side of housemusic, probably because that’s what I began listening to, but clubland often wants something tougher. Today I can be seen playing everything from Deep Dubby House right through to Funky Disco House, Vocal American Garage and Tracky Grooves."

He has been lucky enough to DJ in places from Switzerland, Estonia, Finland (IHANA / Viima), France, Australia, Cyprus (Aiya Napa) and Ibiza right through to playing to over 10000 people on a beach in Latvia!! And of course scores of venues throughout the UK such as Ministry Of Sound and Garage City to name but a few. I have been billed with DJs ranging from Masters At Work to Kenny Carpenter to Paul Trouble Anderson to Linden.C to Bobbi & Steve etc etc.