Nigel Dawson





Nigel Dawson is a DJ known for his definitive house sets varying from the deeper and subtle music to the full on progressive and has built a solid reputation working with the likes of Cream, Ministry of Sound and, of course, Renaissance.

In 1992 Renaissance was in it's infancy. Residents were Sasha and Digweed esteemed company to say the least, making it one of the hardest stages on which to make an impression, but impress Nigel did and it forged his own residence which has survived to this day.

The scenario is familiar guest DJ fails to show, young and unknown there is Nigel on hand willing to fill in, young DJ rocks it, consequently, young DJ goes onto glittering DJ and production career. However familiar this scenario is it rarely, if ever happens, but in Nigel Dawson's case it is.

Along the way this talent and penchant for hard work has established him as a regular on the UK club circuit this includes The Tunnel, The Pod, Lush, Slinky to name but a few. He has become the cornerstone of the long running successful night at The Cross in London as sole resident but also can be found playing at Media in Nottingham to his and their home crowd on a regular basis.

If that weren't enough he also guests at many of the clubs in the UK and Worldwide and as a result Nigel is now established an impeccable global reputation. International dates include : Australia, South Africa, USA, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ibiza, Canada, Russia, China, Amsterdam Luxemburg, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Belgium. Following months this is to expand further to Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Finland and France.

In 1996 Nigel made the logical progression into studio production. From this his pseudonym "Dominion" was born and his first track soon found a home on Whoop Records. Entitled " The Gate ", it was an instant success with the progressive mafia and was included on the Renaissance four compilation featuring Dave Seaman and lan Ossia. "Creation" also was included on Renaissance's Singapore compilation mixed by Dave Seaman.

Lost Without You" was present on Gatecrashers first compilation CD This was, however, the tip of the iceberg. Nigel has developed a long and prolific production career, he is currently enjoying critical acclaim with his seventh single 11 Hours released recently it was licensed worldwide to seven territories and is set for re-release through the German label Planetary Consciousness. Eleven Hours has also been licensed to the new "Slinky" compilation CD.

He has also remixed tracks through Sony, Stress and mixed the first two compilations of the Whoop Mix compilation CD's with a third set to follow at the end of 2000.

The Renaissance Presents compilation with lan Ossia sold a staggering forty thousand and Nigel still has people saying its their favourite CD. Progressive heads can look forward to more tracks in the coming months Shapeshifter which Nigel describes as "deep and simple-much like myself” And an explosive collaboration with the excellent Redanka on a "more housey, groovy" vibe which also features a Bulgarian choir which should be interesting!

With Nigel's continuing success in the studio, his residency with Renaissance and his excellent sets around the world combined with a genuine, reputation as a respected musician and as a approachable nice guy, cheeky chappie! There seems to be nothing to stand in his way.


Dominion - The Gate (Whoop!)
Charlie Dore - Time Goes (Sony)
Insight - Prophecy (Stress Records)
Whoop! - Mix compilation CD1
Dominion - The Earth is yours (Whoop!)
Dominion - Outsider (Whoop!)
Dominion - Fortunes (Whoop!)
Renaissance Presents - Compilation
Dominion - Ultraviolet (Whoop!)
Whoop! - Mix compilation CD2
Dominion - Eleven Hours (Whoop!)
Dominion - Shapeshifter (Whoop!)
Osiris - East To West (Rhythm Syndicate)