Parks & Wilson




Having rocked the Radio 1 essential mix arena at Homelands, being part of the massive Love Parade as well as the Creamfields these boys are equally at home in a 200 capacity venue as they are with 50,000 people in front of them.

"We met up in our hometown - Coventry, England. We used to go clubbing together, to places like the Eclipse. We were both well into the whole dance thing, and already DJing by the time we started going there. The Eclipse was where we met another DJ who would go on to do well - his name was Sasha. Sasha was so spot-on in all of his sets back then, just as he is now, he inspired us and we started doing a similar thing - with our own twist. First stop was at the studio, where we knocked out some tracks as Ritmo Rivals and Blood Brothers".

"Next we got together with John Graham, another Coventry boy who was into the same sorts of things as we were. We formed a band called Tilt and started producing more tracks and setting up collaboration projects. We signed with Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto label, which was an imprint of Warner Music. With their backing (both cash and know-how) we released some big underground music - 'I Dream', 'My Spirit' and 'Places' all did really well and helped to push us up the scale a little further. Unfortunately as with all these things you have to take the ups with the downs, and along with the rest of the roster, we were dropped from Perfecto when they split with Warner".


AS TILT - Original Productions
Tilt - I Dream (Perfecto)
Tilt - My Spirit (Perfecto)
Tilt - Places (Perfecto)
Tilt - Rendezvous (Perfecto)
Tilt - Butterfly (Perfecto)
Tilt - The Phantom (Perfecto)
Tilt - Invisible (Hooj Choons)
Tilt - What's This (Hooj Choons)
Tilt - The Seduction of Orpheus (Hooj Choons)
Tilt feat Maria Nayler - Angry Skies (De-Construction)
Tilt feat Maria Nayler - Headstrong (Baroque)

AS TILT - Remixes
Karen Ramirez - Lies (Manifesto)
Jeff Wayne - Eve of the War (Sony)
CM - Universe (Hooj Choons)
Jan Johnson - Flesh (Perfecto)
Space Manoeuvres - Stage One (Hooj Choons)
Danny Tenaglia - Baby Do You Feel Me (Twisted)
Chakra - Home (WEA)
Melanie C - I Turn To You (Virgin Records)
Tilt vs Spanish Archer -Beautiful Inside (EMI)
Maria Nayler - Angry Skies (De-Construction)
Jay Welsh -Four Horsemen (Method)

AS PARKS AND WILSON - Original Material
Analogue City - All About Love -(Planet 4)
Ritmo Rivals -Americano Slide (Planet 4)
Ritmo Rivals - Believe Me (Planet 4)
Parks & Wilson - Clubland E.P (Stress)
Ritmo De Vida - Taboo (Limbo)
Ritmo De Vida - Havara (Limbo)
Ritmo De Vida - The Spirit Is Justified (Limbo)
Blood Brothers - Inca Chant (Bassroom)
Rapscallions - Amsterdam Express (Red Parrot)
Parks & Wilson -Feel The Drums E.P (Hooj Choons)
KHZ* - West on 27th Hooj *(Mick Park collaboration)

Dido - Here With Me (BMG/Arista)