Sandra Collins




Sandra Collins is one of the US's finest Progressive House and Trance DJs. Dubbed "The Trance Goddess", Sandra has captured the imaginations of dance floors around the globe with her driving beats, hypnotic grooves and mesmerizing melodies. Her rare ability to combine a powerful groove for the body and an elevating journey for the mind continues to win the loyalty of fans throughout the world and looks set to make her one of the biggest names in global dance music today.

She began DJing in Phoenix in 1989 and demonstrated a rare flair for working the dance floor. Her talent was soon recognized in the underground scene and her name became synonymous with ground breaking parties including the historic New York "Storm" raves with Frankie Bones and The Fifth Column with Josh Wink in 1992.

Sandra Collins1992 Sandra was a regular guest DJ on Powetools 106FM, as well as helping to set up the first US office for the German Trance label Eye Q - Harthouse. From 1995 to 1998, Sandra also held a three year residency at LA's most popular weekly "Metropolis" alongside Doc Martin and former partner in crime Taylor.

With fervor continuing to grow about Sandra's scorching sets, she was invited to move to New York and take up a residency at the prestigious 'Twilo' in early 1998. It was here that Sandra befriended Sasha and played alongside fellow residents Carl Cox, John Digweed and Paul van Dyk. She is destined to become a key player in the global dance scene due to her profoundly positive attitude, driving creative force and monumental sets.

Sandra CollinsSandra's popularity continued to soar over the years as she DJed to enthusiastic audiences across the US and overseas. Whether doing international tours of Australia, New Zealand and Canada, or headlining the US Electric Highway Tour with the Fluke and the Crystal Method, Sandra was more in demand than ever before.

Sandra has become an ambassador for American trance, she landed on the covers and pages of every major U.S. dance music magazine, as well as in magazines like Spin, Gear, Urb, Option, Jump, BPM, Sweater, Mixmag, UHF and Fix

Continuing her growth as an artist, Sandra has also begun recording her own tracks. Her spectacular first release, "Ode to Our" b/w "Red" through Fragrant sold out in Europe and the US in one day and was named "Trance Release of the Month" in XLR8R magazine.

Other nominations
"Outstanding Electronica Artist" - BAMMIE Awards California
"Best Trance DJ" - Global DJ Awards
"Best Female Artist" - URB Magazine

Her ability to be both a crowd-pleaser and connect emotionally with her audience won her the daunting opening night slot at Woodstock '99. Spinning after Moby, she admirably held her own with a six hour set in front of the 80,000 mostly-neophyte dance music fans, and by the end of her set had by all published accounts won them over.  

Now with residencies at Chicago's "Crobar" and Las Vegas "Utopia", Sandra is one of the progressive dance music's most in-demand DJs, travelling to raves and clubs across the country and around the world, from Little Rock to Lima, Peru and now finally Finland.