The Forth


(season closing)



Producers, DJ’s and re-mixers the ‘Forth’ are fast becoming a serious success in the club world. Individually known as Andrew Archer, Scott Dawson and James Todd the trio are already very well known for business adventures with the highly successful Boxed records, which just in-case you didn’t already know, houses the mighty Global Underground series, and of course the Quad and Coded vinyl labels.

They exploded into notoriety in 1996 with a remix of the illustrious B.T’s ‘Loving You More’ which some of you will know was a complex electrical symphony, which was an early sign of the great music that was to come. Since this baptism of fire their studio skills have constantly been in demand by acts as diverse as the ‘Lord of the Dance’ himself Michael Flatley, Zoe, with ‘PaganniniTrax’ and Quad’s own VFR ‘Trance Illusion’.

On the Djing front, their careers have seen them play alongside Tiesto and Ferry Corsten (of ‘System F’ fame) at the massive Hyperstate party in Norway, as part of their monthly residency. Playing in the blistering heat of the clubs in Israel, to the trance disciples of the Middle East. Entering the futuristic ‘Blade runner’ world of Hong Kong to play one of Global Underground’s largest, most outrageous parties to date. Then being immortalised on C.D when they mixed the Global Underground ‘Depatures’ album which to date has sold in excess of 80,000 copies world-wide. Now they’ve been given the chance to do the follow up, the electric ‘Arrivals’. Already flying off the shelves, ‘The Forth’ once again prove their worth on the hi-fi as well as the DJ stage.

Now expect to see and hear them playing along side the greats, such as Sasha, John Digweed, Nick Warren and Dave Seaman, around the world due to the advent of the brand new Global Underground Promotions. This should see them playing in cities such as Amsterdam, Budapest, Helsinki, Johannesburg, Buenos Aires, and Sydney.
Definitely lucky for some!