Carl Cox

The Koneisto Exprerience



Welcome to Finland Carl. Were we the last white spot on the European map, or are there still countries left where you actually haven't played in?
There are now not very many places for me to play now, apart for the moon,mars etc etc..

What got you started in the first place? At what point you realised that music would play such an important role in your life?
Parties my mum and dad had at our house and hearing the music downstairs from my bed room many years ago. I realised when Iwas about 15/16 years of age that Ilove black R&B, funk & soul music as well as country and rock&roll too. And from that point, Iwanted to push more about playing the the music to people from my point of view. So played at weddings and birthday parties. And I have never looked back from there.

In one sentence, how would you describe the music you play?
My music is always funky, pumping, dirty and emotional at times.

If there wasn't music, what would you have become? Gardener, bank manager, professional boxer...
All of those things Ithink as Iwas always the one to try my hand at all things but i loved music and it found me.

Can you name the biggest moment in your DJing career so far, or are there simply too many of those?
There are Too many but if i had to name one and the Millenium Parties Idid in Oz on Bondi Beach to 20 thousand people and the fly across the timezone to play back in time again at 12 o'clock in Hawaii to play to 10 thousand people was by far one as the most amazing times of my life as I will not be able to do that again in my life time.

As a dance music artist, do you think that you can benefit from the fact that you're also a DJ? Well yes because Iam involved so much into dance music for years that I have a great ear for a good tune, so Iam in a very good postion to lead to way and not follow.

Off the top of your head, what are the 3 biggest dance records of all time?
Strings of life - Derek May
Diana Ross - Love Hangover
The Blackbirds - Rockcreek park

Given the opportunity to play a back to back set with a DJ of your choice, who would that be?
I would love to play again with Danny Tenaglia as it was my best club nite I have played with another DJ back to back in Twilo Club in NYC now RIP...

You have your own 23rd Century Records output. When can we expect to have a follow up to 'Dirty Bass'? Any album projects underway?
I have the next one ready for the summer is called Space Calling with a remix by Kevin Saunderson, it is very housey but a great sound for the Space Terrace in Ibiza.

When you need to get away from it all, what is your perfect way to take it easy?
Turn my mobile phone off..