Graham Gold




(-) 19.01.2002
(32) 20.10.2001


What did you do before you started DJing?
Nothing, it was my first job!

How old where you when you started and how or why did you start?
15 years old. Because I just loved my music more than anything else, and I had no other interest in anything. I was crap at school.

How would you describe the style of music you play?
Unique. And most people say they know it's me on the decks without even seeing me. Cos the club is empty! No really, it's a blend of prog, breaks
and trance, but it all has an energy level, none of this mundane, anal shit that bores the fuck out of everybody, but they dance cos they think it's cool! Back in '91/'92, it wasn't about a genre then, it was just about great house music. And people wonder why the scene is fucked now. It Has to be prog, it has to trance. NO IT DOESN'T!

What are the biggest changes in the club scene during your career?
DJ's got to be paid more than anyone ever imagined they would, we got to travel all over the world, E came along, people started dancing faster,
disco died then got re invented under the banner filtered funky house.

Who has influenced your DJing the most if any?
Not a person, a thing. MUSIC.

What about the future, DJing, radio, producing?
My radio show on Kiss is as strong as ever, I spend eight hours producing two hours of radio, the club scene is getting tougher, but fingers crossed! And
production is my main thing this year. Already got two tracks ready to go, and both have been tested and are realy going down well. And my label Relative has started very strongly.

What do you do when you'r not DJing?
Answering questionnaires! Spend hours answering emails, going to the gym four times a week and college twice a week learning Spanish. Oh, and making love to my gorgeous girlfriend!

How long do you think you are going to DJ?
I wanna give it up when I am ready, which will be when music stops exciting me, but I doubt if that will EVER happen.

Any new mix compilations or tracks coming up?
The two tracks I mentioned (one is under the aka. Alastic, and my new mix CD came out on Monday February 10th 2003 available only on line at or Plus I have a meeting next week to finalise the first Peach CD. (tha's my residency in London every Friday).

What do you think about Screen club and Finland? :)
What do you want me to say! You know I love it!! it's fresh, Jay is an excellent resident, Micko is a promoter who actually cares about his night,
the crowd are just soooo up for it, and even all the staff have a brilliant time.