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Jimmy Van M

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Jimmy Van M with Taylor

What did you do before you started DJing?
I used to be a travel agent to provided guided tours around Frorida. Mickey Mouse, Shamu, all that sort of stuff.

How old where you when you started and why did you start?
I was almost 18, I got my start at the "Ahhz" which was a night club in downtown Orlando. The music there was almost parallel to what was going on
at Renaissance UK.

How did you actually meet with Sasha and Digweed and what about the backyard sessions with the trampoline?? ;)
Since we had a scene that was close to the UK at that time, it was only a matter of time before I met up with S&D. The Trampoline was attraction in the middle of my living room that provided for good fun at the after party.

Who has influenced your DJing the most if any?
A dj in Orlando Florida. His name is Dave Cannalte a.k.a. "the groover"

What about the future, DJing or producing? Both, I am having a lot of fun dj'ing and for my production I have 6 new tracks finished.

What's the situation of US club scene at the moment?
I think the US club scene is in a good place. The door prices are down again since the economy is down therefore more people are coming out more. This I think is healthy for the scene.

How would you compare the club scenes in Europe and US?
I think there will always be differences between dance cultures. I would say the one noticeable difference would be that the U.S. seems to have a lot people really know what music you are playing (the names of the tracks). I guess train spotting is what it would be called. Over in Europe especially places like Helsinki, Romania, Prague, etc... it seems to be more about the "night out". I am enjoying playing in both now; it seems to be all going off.

Any new mix compilations or tracks coming up?
No label picked out yet but I do have a new mix cd in the pipeline.

What do you think of Finland and Screen after played here once? :)
I love it, can't wait to come back, if you will have me...answer my calls dammit!!!!!