Lee Burridge




Global Underground
NuBreed 005 - Lee Burridge

What did you do before you started DJing?
I was a postman.

How old where you when you started and how or why did you start?
It was 1985 and I was 17 years old. I started because I thought it might help me get a girlfriend. It didn't, I'm still single (oh, also I guess I started as I quite liked music).

How would you describe the style of music you play?
Various styles of house with a bit of a wobly feel, mixed up with breakbeat. I Love basslines. Why? What kind of music do you like to dance to hahahahaha!

Why Hong Kong in the first place?
I was on the run from the police.

Who has influenced your DJing the most if any?
All the people who make fucked up music.

What about the future, DJing or producing?
Pro Djing and D-ducing.

What do you do when you'r not DJing?
Cook food and chase squirrels.

What kind of value do you give for your placement at DJmag top 100?
I hope it reflects the music I play more than me. I travelled alot last year and was privileged to play to alot of different people in alot of different countries, loads of which voted I guess. The music I play isn't particularly very commercial, so to get in the top 10 was pretty cool.

Any new mix compilations or tracks coming up?
Both. I'm supposed to be doing another Global Underground mix CD and I've got a couple of tracks coming out early this year. Ones called "Do you smoke pot????" and the other is called "Why are the pretty ones always insane".

Do you know anything about Screen club and Finland? :)
I know Finlands in Scotland right???? Seriously, all I know is that I've wanted to come to Helsinki for ages and that the girls are cute (shame I'm not!).