Paul Van Dyk


Tuukka Jäntti (JULY 2002)

How did you get into DJing. What appealed to you about it?
I started to do some mix tapes for friends of mine. They gave it to a promoter and so I got my first DJ booking at the Tresor Club in Berlin. I don't think or want to become a DJ, it just happened. Think about that when I started in 1991 the DJ was still the freak in the corner and played the music while other people had fun.

You're one of the world's No. 1 DJs yet seem quite down-to-earth. What keeps you humble?
I guess my family and my friends. But besides the traveling and djing in the night, I try to live a normal life. It is the music that I like and that I want to present to people. I never thought about how I could get famous.

Is there anything large that you wish to achieve in DJing. I know you give people enjoyment by playing music, but is there anything even bigger behind it?
I would like to do and make my music until the end of my life. That would be one goal. Of course I like when I can show people some music that they haven't heard before and if I change their taste or show them that there is so much fantastic music out there and not only pop and charts music.

Have you ever been worried about not having any more music in you. How do you deal with that. How do you shake that off?
No, I get so much inspiration from the different people I meet, the different clubs and atmospheres, traveling, different places and countries. I had a hard time to sit in the studio and make music when I split from my former label. It wasn't relaxed enough my mind wasn't free, I though about different stuff and couldn't concentrate on the music. But I think I have a lot of music in me for a couple of next albums.

One of my favourite tracks of all times is yours "For an angel (PVD e-werk club mix)". The track is so inspiring, delighting, even if it is filled with sadness and longing (I hope I got it right). I really love it. Do you have one favourite of all your body of music - what's the one that you're most proud of?
I like to compare it with children. When you are a father or mother, you like all your children. There isn't the one child that you love more. Of course new tracks are always a bit more exciting than the older ones.

Love Parade 2002 is behind. Did you enjoy that experience?
It was once again a fantastic weekend. Our Friday night event went really well, we had a lot of fun on our float and the weather was all in all not too bad. I think there was a lot of sunshine and just a bit of rain. I played at the victory column again and the atmosphere was great as well as it looked as busy as the years before.

Do you feel a different kind of emotion when you're involved in an event like that, I mean Berlin is your hometown, has it some special meaning and resonance for you?
Of course I love this city. I'm very happy that such an important global event like the parade takes place in my hometown. I'm very glad that we are a part of it and that me and my team can contribute to make the weekend for everyone as exciting as city can be presented.

You also did US Tour earlier this summer. Do you have any special memories of it?
It was great. Yes I still remember all 4 cities. Boston was great - a pity that they always have to close so early. I spinned in Exit for the first time in New York and it was packed. Giant did a great party in LA and Release in SF was a superb end of the tour.

If you compare the American way of clubbing (including people and music) to European, especially what you have in Germany - is it any different and if yes, in what sense?
There is always a difference from club to club. But I can't say that it is because I play in America or I play in Europe. In each city there are clubs with a different crowd, vibe and atmosphere.

10. Favourite track(s) at the moment? (JULY 2002)
1. Revoltution 9 - Love is the only weapon - Vandit promo
2. Project Medusa Exor - Moonshine - Liquid
3. NU NRG - Supersonic - Vandit promo
4. Three Drives - Carrera 2 - Vandit promo
5. Nitromethane - Time to die - White Label
6. Antiloop - Trespasser - Stockholm Rec
7. Tayfun- Der Traum - Energie Berlin
8. Ralphie B. - Massive Rmx - Vandit
9. Second Sun - The Spell - Vandit promo
10. Bass Tarts - Summer in space - White Label

Who are your favourite DJs, and why?
Nick Warren, Sander Kleinenberg, Dave Seaman are all great DJs. All of them love music and play fantastic sets with music that they really like. They just play what they are 100 % behind.

How would you sum up your mission (if you have one) as a DJ and a producer?
As a DJ my mission is to play good records so that people can have a fantastic and interesting night. As a DJ I want to bring across what I īm standing musically for. The producer tries to produce a track as good as possible. A track that works in a club and with that the DJ can work and I feel happy with.

So what's coming up next. What are your future plans, and can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming release PVD DVD?
I just finished the Soundtrack for the Mexican movie "La Mano del Zurdo". The Soundtrack will be released this year in Mexico and South America and the premiere of the movie is scheduled for January next year. We are working since a few months now on a DVD project, to present the singles that I had done in the past. There will be a lot of new material that we have filmed in the USA, Asia and Europe as well as the videos and the sound in Dolby 5.1.

Any plans to visit to Finland?
Yes of course, there are so many countries worldwide where I would like to play and Finland is one of them. I spinned in Finland already few times and have some good memories. It is just not possible to come to each country every year but I'm looking forward to come in 2003.

Do you want say something to your (Finnish) fans - any messages?
Believe in yourself - thanks for supporting our music - and see you in 2003.