"New DJ of the year"
Platinum Awards 2002


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Hiski & Pinnie represent the new generation of DJs from the north.

Voted as the "best new DJs" in Platinum - the Finnish club awards after one year of playing together they are definitely the most promising DJ duo in Finland at the moment.

The enthusiasm for the electronic music for the boys started back in the beginning of 90's. Listening hip hop, acid house, tekno, electro and pioneers like Richie Hawtin, Sven Všth and Jeff Mills gave the direction to go for when they took their first steps into the dark side of electronic music. Where Hiski comes from the capital of Finland, Helsinki, Pinnie hails from the northern parts of Finland from city of only 5000 people. Pinnie was probably one of the only aboriginals listening electronic music around those parts of the country by that time, or even knew what it was.

The boys met in the late 2000. They instantly noticed their same taste of music and started playing records together. By that time it was nothing but a hobby and they just span records at home while others went out and clubbing. Because of a persistent training - despite the fact they have played together less than a year - they soon started getting gigs over some small parties around Helsinki.

At the same time Screen - the award winning and most famous club night in Finland - hired the boys as their lounge residents. Screen was voted as the best club in Finland two years in a row in Platinum - Finnish club awards. Also Micko, one of the two promoters behind Screen started working with the boys as their agent. It didn't take long and they were gaining respect as newcomers who have something new to give. They also started getting bookings from cities around Finland.

After their first year of Djing together, they were already voted as the "best new DJ" in Platinum Finnish club awards 2002.

The style of tribal & house sounds with a touch of techno & tech-house comes from the great influence of John Digweed, Steve Lawler, Carl Cox, Sander Kleinenberg and Danny Tenaglia. Both of the boys have also grown listening what ever came from the radio before they got any own records. That's why they like to throw in some older tunes from the past and different genres to spice up their set and keep people interested. You don't get bored once you let them into the decks.

During the summer 2003, the boys joined forces with Dallas Superstar producer Heikki Liimatainen. After two days in the studio, they had their first track in their hands. Hiski & Pinnie "Give It Up" was immediately signed by the most famous and award winning producer in Finland, JS16 for his own label. JS16 is behind Darude, Bomfunk Mc's and other projects which have gained respect and chart positions around the world.

Now it's just a matter of time before these boys make their way out from Finland and start entertaining crowds with their fresh new style from the north.