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Jay started playing records at high school during the 80's and is one of the most experienced DJs in Finland at the moment.

Right after his first gig he was asked to take part on the most renowned DJ course in Finland at the time, arranged by "Disco Service". Through "Disco Service" he got a lot of gigs at night clubs and popular events such as: "Kulttuuritalo", "Linnanmäki", "Anna & Erik", "Rose Room" and "KY-Exit"

The person who has inspired Jay the most to start deejaying is Kari "Kaippa" Kaivola. During the late 80's, Jay coincidentally travelled to Ibiza where he found his spark for house music. The trio consisting of Kaippa, Jokke and Jay practically brought house music to Finland. At the time Jay was also working in the legendary record store; "Street Beat", which is still one of the best sources for club music in Finland.

The Berlin-Botta club-complex started as the first real club concept in Finland. The earlier mentioned trio acting as residents and background figures where insuring the safe landing for house music in Finland.

After the golden years of "Botta-Berlin" (88-93) Jay felt that he had achieved all he wanted as a DJ and quit playing records in the fall of 93. Half a year later, he was made an offer he couldn't refuse. "Hype Club" was being planned and Jay was asked to help create new "party paradise" in Helsinki. Music wise he was given free hands to continue where he left off at "Botta". He wanted Jokke and Rale on his team and so another legendary trio was created. Hype Club was the first "glamorous" house club in Finland and was known for its colourful clubbers and soulful house sound. Many of the classics of today where herd there first.

At Hype Club Jay met Micko Iho who started out by making flyers and posters for their theme parties. Micko introduced Jay to the world of computers and the duo soon started envision a club where besides music, lights, decorations and performances, live mixed video footage would be a big part of the evening. After the first event of the legendary Screen in the Autumn of 1997, Jay and Micko realized that they had created something totally new.

As the resident of Screen, Jay has also played alongside such international deejay stars as Nick Warren, Dave Seaman, Carl Cox, John Digweed, Steve Lawler, Seb Fontaine and Danny Rampling to name but a few. Jay has also played around Finland at all the major clubs and events during the many years of his career.

During the years of playing music starting from hip hop, funk and disico through different styles of house and techno, Jay has developed a unique understanding of music and how to read the crowd. Jay is a DJ who can change his style to suit every place and audience, never failing to bring out the best atmosphere from every crowd. Nowadays his style is ranging from progressive house to tech-house of course depending where his playing and what kind of crowd he's playing for.

Jay has also compiled and mixed the first official mix compilation released in Finland plus two other Screen CD-compilations.