Carlos Santana, Astrud Gilberto, Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington... Jazz, Latin American and bossanova music was Pia's father's greatest musical interest. She grow up listening those records. That was the spark which started her early interest in music.

Pia started her musical career during the early 80's. Her parents got tired of her singing around the house insisting them to play records over and over again. Favourites being Carlos Santana´s Oye como va and Manhattan Transfers Boy from New York city.

At the age of 5, she started at a musical kindergarten, then proceeded to various musical schools until the age of 18. She hated the musical theory classes, but loved the ones where she could play drums, guitar or piano. Even today, she plays the clarinet fluently, which was her main instrument at music school.

She got interested of techno in the early 90's. A better chance to get in touch with techno scene came at the age of 18. She moved to Stuttgart, Germany, where she lived there few years. During that time Pia fell in love with techno and house. Clubs like M1, Zenit and N-Pir were the ones where she enjoyed the music the most.

After the years in Germany, she decided to move back to Finland and to the capital, Helsinki. During the 90's, the club scene in Helsinki was growing fast. Among others, the year 1997 saw the birth of legendary Screen club.

It took her years to finally get the courage and try deejaying for the first time. She had always admired female deejays on the business, where most of the deejays are men. It was when she heard Max Graham's single Airtight, she was sure she wanted to have a go and try mixing.

At first she played progressive house and trance but got a bit bored being too monotonic for on the long run. She wanted something much more interesting and something different than anyone else would play. It was then when she heard Dj Chus´s Groove Foundation with a song called That Feeling. House music with a twist of latin grooves and summery feeling. It kind of reminded of her father´s old records but added up with house music.

Her biggest influences at the moment are Chus L. Esteban, Marcelo Castelli, Robbie Rivera and David Penn just to name a few.

The summer of 2004 Pia was busy working at the Studio. Her first single was finished at the beginning of August and is called "At Night". It is a sultry latin house song with latin guitars, saxophone and a grooving bassline.