"Flyer series of the year"
Platinum Awards 2002


Micko Iho (aka VJ Micko), started and has been promoting Screen with Jay Mellin since 1997. At the same time, he's one of Finlands first veejays. Besides the video materials, he's also designing all graphics for Screen flyers, posters, website and other advertising.

In daytime, he works in Filmitalli Oy as a director for TV commercials and music videos.

Mikko is a perfect example of the self-educated learn-as-you-go kind of person. Mikko, the talkative, has an interesting, artistic background.

His passion for arts and graphics started at the age of 12 when he discovered the world of graffiti. He skilfully managed to avoid the authorities when practising his art, decorating the otherwise so boring tunnels and walls kindly provided by the city of Helsinki. After many years of studying the subject he discovered an easier and more interesting new tool and platform for his interests. The computer.

His mysterious nightly trips to the city changed to endless nights and days in the even more mysterious and strange world of pixels and software. After realising the boundless possibilities of computer graphics, he was pulled to the inner circle of computer world. With his friends he started assembling demonstrations of their skilful combining of graphics, music and coding. Their team "Future Crew" won several international competitions and Mikko gained respect as a graphic artist by winning and getting top three places in graphics competitions at respected "Assembly" events.

At 17, he was working in USA designing graphics for computer games. After returning to Finland - and serving his national duty in the army as an officer - he was introduced into the world of film and digital special F/X. Factory Post, a Finnish post-production company hired and trained him as a visual F/X artist.

About the same time (1995) he met Jay Mellin, one of the founders and residents at the legendary Hype Club. Because of his graphical background, he was soon designing all the flyers for the parties held at Hype. After a while, Micko and Jay practicly promoted Hype Club. During the year 1997, they started planning their own club night and before the year ended, the first Screen party was held.

While he was promoting Screen once a month, he was working hard with the digital effects at work. In addition to hundreds of commercials, he designed and accomplished visual F/X for several award winning music videos, the likes of Bomfunk Mc's and Darude.

After three succesful years at Hype, Screen was moved into a bigger venue, Kaivohuone. Micko also got his first VJ gigs outside Finland, at Renaissance in Stockholm.

After the digital years of image manipulation, he decided to move on and was hired by a production company Filmitalli to compliment their creative team as a visual F/X supervisor. Since he has a strong passion for designing and creating and has the enviable ability to get along with practically everybody, he soon realised that directing was definitely where he felt like home though. His decision to be a full time director in the end of 2002, was matter of course.

His first assignment as a director - GB Glace "Penguine"- was short-listed in Cannes Lions Film Festival 2003. After that, he has been steadily working on many kinds of productions for example for Coca Cola. In the end of 2003, Micko directed his first music video: for the Finnish dance act Dallas Superstars' track "I Feel Love".


Bomfunk Mc's - Something Going On (2002)
Bomfunk Mc's
- Live Your Life (2002)
Bomfunk Mc's - Freestyler
Bomfunk Mc's - B-Boys & Fly Girls
Bomfunk Mc's - Uprocking Beats
- Out Of Control (2001)
Darude - Feel The Beat (2000)
Darude - Sandstorm (2000)
JS16 - Stomp To My Beat
JS16 - Stompin' System
Fintelligens - Voittamaton
Fintelligens - Stockholm - Helsinki
Eternal Erection - Genetics